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April 15, 2019

Shivom Adds Living DNA to the Marketplace, Offering Customers a 3-in-1 Ancestry Kit


Shivom Adds Living DNA to the Marketplace, Offering Customers a 3-in-1 Ancestry Kit


Living DNA’s 3-in-1 ancestry kit will provide Shivom’s customers with the ability to trace their origins back via maternal ancestors, and see how they moved around the world over thousands of years.

London, United Kingdom – April 15, 2019 – Shivom, a biotechnology data and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed through blockchain and AI technology, has teamed up with Living DNA. This is a collaboration of over 100 world-leading scientists, academic researchers and genetic experts from across the globe with the purpose of bringing cutting edge DNA technology to the world; to offer Living DNA’s 3-in-1 ancestry kit within Shivom’s marketplace. Through this affiliation, Shivom’s customers can discover their ancestral journey across 80,000 years.

The ancestry kit which has been developed by Living DNA enables consumers to discover their ancestry from around the world via a simple cheek swab, providing exceptional regional details. Many of their customers have used this opportunity to travel to their ancestral homelands. Living DNA can show you your recent family ancestry covering up to 15 generations, and your deep ancestry with Motherline and Fatherline (if male) results. Additionally, the company have developed an improved Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) genotyping platform that has been tailored to match the technical requirements of the different statistical methodologies they use to analyse customer data. Sirius, the new chip, has been designed using the Axiom® technology from Affymetrix / Thermo Scientific, which allows great flexibility to match every feature of the chip to their products.

To mark this milestone and affiliation, for a limited period of time, Shivom plans to offer incentives including; token rewards and discounted genetic counselling sessions via Family Care Path’s MyLegacy application.  This offer is for the first batch of customers who purchase the 3-in-1 ancestry kit from the Marketplace and subsequently upload their genetic data onto Shivom’s platform. “We are excited to offer Living DNA’s kits within our marketplace. Living DNA, along with parent company DNA Worldwide Group, shares the same high standards of excellence and commitment to consumer data ownership and security as Shivom. Living DNA’s kit is not only rated one of the best ancestry kits on the market, but they are also accredited and certified by leading international standards.” Says Henry Ines, CEO of Shivom.

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About Shivom
Shivom is a biotechnology data and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed. By utilising innovative technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to democratise genomics.

Our mission is to bring exponential value to our end-users within the genomics industry. We believe that the unique combination of our in-depth knowledge for genomics, mixed with deep-rooted backgrounds in cryptography and AI is essential in the democratisation of genomics and healthcare data.

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About Living DNA
Living DNA is a high definition of DNA testing that challenges the concept of race and tackles ideas of separation through our ‘One Family, One World’ education programmes. With 75% of clients living overseas, we do this globally.

Presenting self-truth and letting science talk helps people change their lives. Putting ancestry into context allows people to celebrate not only how unique they are but also understand how we are all connected going back through history.

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