Post-MVP Launch Management Changes: Henry Ines to stay on in Emeritus role; Axel Schumacher to return as CEO

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August 8, 2019

Post-MVP Launch Management Changes: Henry Ines to stay on in Emeritus role; Axel Schumacher to return as CEO

Shivom Ventures Limited announced today Henry Ines will restore Axel Schumacher as Chief Executive Officer and stay on as CEO Emeritus. Additionally, Shivom has tapped Nate Raine for the Chief Operation Officer role and for Meer Ali to become the Chief Technology Officer.

London, United Kingdom – 8th August – Shivom announced today that Henry Ines has decided to step down and restore Axel Schumacher as acting Chief Executive Officer of Shivom. Henry will stay on as CEO Emeritus acting in an advisory role for Shivom post-MVP platform release. It’s been a little over a year since Henry Ines stepped into the CEO role and during his tenure with Shivom, he has managed to take both founders vision and create a product which can massively disrupt the genomics industry. Additionally, Henry has brought countless partnerships and pilot projects to Shivom such as Lifebit, H2020, CC-TDI, Family Care Path and more. “It’s been a great honor to work closely with our global team to build a highly innovative clinical SaaS platform and consumer genomics marketplace, which combined we believe are poised to disrupt the clinical research, drug discovery and personalized healthcare spaces. I stepped up as CEO in 2018 to help the team focus on execution and to navigate through an especially difficult post-ICO period, when the project was not only at its infancy, but the broader crypto industry was also experiencing significant challenges. Twelve months later, we have persevered and now have a fully functional world-class patient-centric MVP product, unparalleled ‘3 clicks’ integrated bioinformatics analysis capability, dynamic consent & permissions via smart contracts, a blockchain-based immutable consent audit trail functionality, established multiple strategic and complementary partnerships globally, a consumer marketplace with curated ‘best of breed’ personalized care products, demonstrated OMX token utility via payments and gamification/rewards, and have commenced with onboarding of initial customers, pilots, and monetization via our established business model. With these and many other accomplishments, I felt post MVP launch was the appropriate juncture for me to step down for new leadership to guide the next phase of the project. I have full confidence in the team and the excellent trio of Axel, Nate, and Meer, whom collectively have more than 50+ years of diverse operational, clinical, technical and startup experiences to take the business to the next level,” said Henry Ines, CEO Emeritus.

Axel Schumacher has led the Science and R&D team for the past year since Henry Ines took over his previous position. During his tenure as CSO, he was responsible for integrating bioinformatics partners and championing solutions for pilot projects ranging from Children’s Cancer to Medicinal Cannabis. Axel has an excellent track record with leading pharmaceutical companies and research organizations globally. He will return to his previous position and help the company scale and steer Shivom forward into the genomic landscape by utilizing his impressive 30+ years of experience working in the industry.”As we enter into this next critical stage, I am thrilled to lead the team, focusing on tackling the many problems associated with the global healthcare system through genomics. Returning as CEO, I will utilize my industry knowledge with pharma and make sure the team continues on the trajectory Henry has worked so hard to put us on. We are looking forward to being able to empower researchers by providing them with the tools to discover much deeper insights in half the time traditional analysis would take. Additionally, enabling individuals to better manage their health and wellness through Shivom’s secure blockchain-based technology platform and healthcare ecosystem,” said Axel Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer.

Lastly, Nate Raine has been tapped for the Chief Operating Officer (COO) role and lead operations out of Shivom’s London head office. Leveraging his deep background in startup operations, business development and scaling various solutions for enterprise organizations, Shivom will be poised for significant growth in the coming year. Meer Ali has also been elevated to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With his 20+ years of deep technical experiences, Meer will continue to oversee and lead Shivom’s product development efforts, while helping to grow the company’s technical team and footprint globally. The management team and advisors believe these roles reflect the most direct path to success for a post-platform released Shivom.

A successor to the role of Director, Marketing & Communications will be announced shortly. The team is thankful for the continued support of its partners, investors, and community.

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