Personal Solutions

Share your inner analytics and reap the rewards from the OMX tokens you receieve

Data Monetisation

Welcome to Shivom, through blockchain technology, we are making it possible for consumers to take back the control and value of their data. Through secure-sharing features we strip personal information and de-identify genetic and phenotypic health data within our database which allows for genomic researchers to perform analysis and research without any security compromise.

As researchers complete studies, analysis and or digital trials, revenue generated from those solutions flow back to you in the form of OMX tokens. These tokens can be used within our marketplace to purchase health products and services from our direct-to-consumer partners.


We’ve designed from the ground up a marketplace where to promote direct-to-consumer healthcare products and services. Through our unique approach, your data owners can redeem their tokens earned from research studies on our platform within our marketplace for your genetic testing kits and or reports. Through the use of our token economy you can incentivise consumers to participate with monetary incentives and gamification.

Secure Storage

All health and omic data is stripped of personal information, making it de-identified. Genetic and other medical records which are uploaded onto our platform is securely encrypted. Consumers can maintain control of this data at all times through our dynamic consent.

Meaning, this data never leaves the platform, and you may choose to delete it at any time. Within our dynamic consent permissioning technology data owners and custodians may choose who comes in contact with their data. For example a patient support network, government agency or pharmaceutical company.