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Fighting global pandemics with data

Shivom Announces Major Update to it’s Platform, Teamwork, Overhauled UX and Data Discovery Tool for Pharma.

Fundamentals of Analysing SARS-CoV-2 data with Shivom

How to analyse SARS-CoV-2 data with Shivom

Shivom Launches v2.0; Delivering a Library of Multi-Omics COVID-19 Pipelines

Post-MVP Launch Management Changes: Henry Ines to stay on in Emeritus role; Axel Schumacher to return as CEO

Shivom Releases MVP; Offering Clinical SaaS-based Automated Data Analytics

Shivom and cc-TDI to Advance Clinical Research for Hepatoblastoma & Other Rare Pediatric Diseases

Shivom and Family Care Path Launch Genetic Counselling Pilot