1-click access to multi-omics data and insights

Our end-to-end platform enables computation and analysis of Omics data, accelerating drug discovery and delivering novel insights to personalized medicine.


Data Discovery

Search dataset via disease, condition and sub-type


Blockchain Verification

Verified through Ethereum blockchain and de-identified



Uncover novel insights with rapid analysis using AI


Patient Recruitment

Recruit patients and lower R&D costs

About our

Shivom is a bridge between your DNA data and the valuable players who use this data to research and create new therapies. Our platform enables individuals to interact with healthcare services and enterprises to help improve healthcare R&D and drug development on a global scale.

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For Direct-to-Consumer

Increase awareness and sales of your genetic test kits and reports. Our shop is quickly becoming the go-to place for consumers to discover genetic testing products and services.

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For Genomic

Gain access to our clinical SaaS based automated data analytics platform. Our solution provides researchers the ability to search for datasets and run genomic pipelines in three-clicks of the mouse.

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Our News

    So…I guess we have some explaining to do!

    Shivom is a biotechnology data and analysis company optimizing the way healthcare and omics data is shared, secured and analysed.

    By utilizing innovative technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to democratize genomics. Doing so, we empower data-owners, researchers and pharmaceutical companies with the ability to securely share, store and analyse DNA data quickly, efficiently and at any scale.

    Shivom provides data owners and researchers with various services from personalized reporting to secure-storage and data analysis.

    For a full list of our services please visit our pricing page here

    Our users DNA data is protected through the combined effort of both blockchain technology and secure encryption. From the consumer permissions settings, you can enable who has the ability to view, search or contact you at any given time.

    Our platform utilizes blockchain and smart-contract technology to verify ownership of DNA data and authorize transactions between both consumers, enterprises and research organizations.

    Blockchain is a new technology which has demonstrated an encrypted and de-centralized architecture to authorize, trace ownership and protect privacy; which is not currently available with centralized technologies.

    This is important to our users, who will now have ownership and total control of their own DNA data; all the while being able to control who has access at any given time.