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Cloud-Computing Multi-Omics Solution

The end-to-end bioinformatics platform which provides ease of running pipelines through a simple and intuitive user interface. Safely store datasets, combine and interrogate with our dynamic reporting tool

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Accelerating Drug Discovery

Manage all pipelines and studies in one organized place—your dashboard. Shivom makes it easy research teams to capture their omics-data and interrogate. We provide extensive value:

  • Shortening time to market – more time for sales during the patent period
  • Opportunity cost savings – eliminating the cost of data scouting
  • Interest cost reduction – reduce funding cost via research time reduction

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For Data Custodians

Increase awareness and finally receive ROI for your multi-omics data and allow your partners to have access in one secure space. Your data never leaves your secure environment and RAW files are never downloaded; meaning residual income and flexibility for your organisation.

For Data Consumers

Gain access fast simple access to various multi-omics data via our clinical SaaS-based automated data analytics platform. Our solution provides researchers with transformational drug-discovery insights with our cutting-edge library of multi-omics pipelines and analyses.

Our News

    So…I guess we have some explaining to do!

    Shivom is a biotechnology data and analysis company optimizing the way healthcare and omics data is shared, secured and analysed.

    By utilizing innovative technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to democratize genomics. Doing so, we empower data-owners, researchers and pharmaceutical companies with the ability to securely share, store and analyse DNA data quickly, efficiently and at any scale.

    Shivom provides data owners and researchers with various services from personalized reporting to secure-storage and data analysis.

    For a full list of our services please visit our pricing page here

    Our users DNA data is protected through the combined effort of both blockchain technology and secure encryption. From the consumer permissions settings, you can enable who has the ability to view, search or contact you at any given time.

    Our platform utilizes blockchain and smart-contract technology to verify ownership of DNA data and authorize transactions between both consumers, enterprises and research organizations.

    Blockchain is a new technology which has demonstrated an encrypted and de-centralized architecture to authorize, trace ownership and protect privacy; which is not currently available with centralized technologies.

    This is important to our users, who will now have ownership and total control of their own DNA data; all the while being able to control who has access at any given time.